Sanctum Contracting Port Huron Michigan


I have been asked many times where Sanctum comes from... Well here are the answers.

The word Sanctum is of greek origin, meaning a 'safe or sacred place'.  The greek Parthenon is also what our company symbol is.  Many of these buildings have stood for thousands of years...they have stood the tests of time. 

That is how a building should be built.  With quality and pride.

That is Sanctum's goal.  Whether it be a 'high end' home or commercial building, or simply a cost efficient storage building, it needs to be built right.  This means meeting or exceeding all building codes.  It means cutting no corners.  It means building it like you were building it for yourself.  It means building it with pride.

The owner, Stephen Witt, started in construction in the middle 1980's building golf courses.  He started Sanctum as a company that would follow his tight quality demands.  

Sanctum is one of the few, if not the only, construction company that after a job is complete an anonymous questionnaire is sent out.  This questionnaire covers:

  • Professionalism

  • Quality of workmanship

  • Job Cleanliness

  • Timeliness of Job

  • Overall Satisfaction

These 5 items are rated on a numerical basis.   Sanctum proudly boasts a 99.1% satisfaction rating.  We also ask for comments on the questionnairres.   Here are a few we would like to share with you.

Nancy from Fort Gratiot - "The project turned out beautiful and we appreciate your perfectionist attitude as well as we waited for it to be completed"

Phil and Debbie from Marysville - "We tell everyone how great you are.   We love your work."

Joe and Becky from Wadhams - "Completely Satisfied with all jobs done!"

Jim from Yale - "Excellent planning, management, and construction of all work performed"

Barb from Richmond -  "Love the work done.   I enjoy it every day"

Greg and Sue from Emmett -  "We will definitely refer friends, family and neighbors to Sanctum Contracting for any construction needs.   100% satisfied!"