Sanctum Contracting Port Huron Michigan


Sanctum is a locally owned and operated building company.  Our work levels are maintained in St. Clair County and are primarily from referrals and repeat customers.  We specialize in building and improvments that vary from new construction to basic projects.

Sanctum owns all the machinery and equiptment needed to construct buildings from start to finish.  This means that the people you expect to be doing the job are the ones doing it!  

One of the inarguable benefits of Sanctum is that the person who engineers your project is the person in charge of building it.  The same person who goes over the pricing with you is the person who is there for you at the end.  The same person you put your trust in is the same person you see on a day-to-day basis through the completion of the job.

Sanctum is a local building company.  We take great pride in what we do.  All of our employees, including the owner, live in St Clair County.  The people we do work for are friends and neighbors.  These are the same people we see at grocery stores, kids ball games, and church.  We take great pride in what we do!

From start to finish and everything in-between, WE are your home experts!!

Construction is on the rise again!!  Call now and let us show you how we can make your house the home of your dreams!